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Waist Belt $15

  • Run with your dog hands free
  • Keep your walking on running rhythm without having to hold the leash
  • Walk multiple dogs by freeing up your hands
  • Limit pulling by combining with the no-pull prong collar and consistent placement
 This Waist Belt has a quick release buckle and is design to hook your Ruff Stuff leash with handle ring directly into your belt for a hands free walk or run.  It works great with our 4 foot Micro leash in matching colors. Fits 22-44" Waist.  Available in Black, Red and Blue.

Ruff Tugs - Available with a bend in the middle making it easy to fold and put in your pocket, or available with a tuft of fur or bungee handle. All tugs are around 10"  long and made of fire hose.

Mesh Food Tugs - This tug is great for agility or other dog sports where being able to deliver a moist food reward and encourage tugging is essential for developing play or transfer to tug. $15

Split Lead $10

Beautiful Latigo Saddle Leather Split lead so you can walk two dogs at the same time.  Just clip your leash into the split lead and you are ready to go.  Handmade with premium latigo saddle leather with italian bronze clips.
Color - Burgandy

NOTE: The Web sites listed below are intended as resources only. They are not a substitute for professional training. We recommended consulting a certified animal trainer before beginning any pet training program.

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"An average of 500-700 animals a MONTH are put down at local shelters" 

With the latest craze of dog owners comes the puppy-mill and backyard breeders trying to make a quick buck.  Most pet owners don't realize that due to the large number of ill-informed breeders who put thousands of unwanted animals into the rescue system each day causes most local shelters to euthanize an average of 500-700 animals each MONTH.  A percentage of our t-shirt profits are distributed to local shelters but more importantly we want to get that message out to the average pet owner to Save a life and....Spay, Neuter and Adopt!

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